Purpose of the association :

In cooperation with the Town of Maurepas, the association (CJM) aims to:

u Work towards the realisation of the twinnings between the town of Maurepas and foreign towns,

u Promote the twinnings among the population and its economic, academic and associative players so as to include most inhabitants in its activities,

u Develop, or help to develop with these towns, friendly relations and exchanges of cultural, social, economic, touristic and sporting nature, this list being neither exhaustive nor restrictive,

u Promote inter-municipal collaboration through an international education of the youth, a multilingual education, a permanent exchange of information and experiments, not only with the twin towns, but also with all the associations, the local and regional communities which involve the populations of all countries in a non discriminatory cooperation, so as to facilitate the bringing together of people thanks to a better knowledge of other cultures, civilisations and/or ways of life.