u History of the twinning:

After other possibilities of exchanges had been studied with German towns, it was decided to organise the twinning with this very town, because the undergoing exchanges between its comprehensive school (or Gymnasium) and the College (Comprehensive School) Louis Pergaud, in Maurepas had demonstrated their will to cooperate.

Since this agreement has been signed, at least one annual meeting between families is being organized (one year in Germany, the next in France). Without having the same kind of regularity, other exchanges take place, or have taken place now and again between both our towns, at school level, between sports organisations, choirs and/or through visits of official representatives…

The most striking events have been so far

u  on the one hand, the exhibition celebrating Henstedt-Ulzburg’s 25th anniversary – this brought together various works of art, framing, painting on silk, stamp-collections, and other items which had been handed to us by some of the associations in Maurepas;

u on the other hand, the weekend during which we, in Maurepas, celebrated the 10th anniversary of the twinning with the help of many associations from Maurepas.

The mayors who signed the twinnings agrement:

u Heinz Glück for Henstedt-Ulzburg

u Jean Louis Levet for Maurepas 

        have been named "Citoyens d'honneur" of both cities.

Henstedt-Ulzburg has named one of its main streets “Maurepasstrasse”.

Whereas Maurepas named "place Henstedt-Ulzburg" one of the roundabouts of the town.