u History of the twinning:

When the Synagogue in Maurepas was inaugurated, one of the collaborators of the Israeli embassy in Paris had suggested the Mayor of Maurepas should initiate a twinning with an Israeli town. She invited our mayor to attend a conference in Israel.

The aim of this conference was to show to Israeli and Palestinian elected members, through the French- German experiment, that living in harmony with a former foe was possible and to explain the usefulness of a twinning to consolidate peace. Six representatives of Maurepas made the trip. During this conference , they met the mayor of Tirat-Carmel, who is a French speaker and invited them to visit his town.

Taking some liberty with the scheduled programme, they managed to take a quick tour of the town and to meet some of the town representatives with whom they quickly got on. Stimulated by the mayor of Tirat-Carmel, who wishes to keep a French speaking trend in his town, the Town Council of Maurepas agreed to this far-away twinning.

The contacts resort more to visits than exchanges. Due to the current situation, trips to Israel are at a standstill. In the past, they received a large group of inhabitants from Maurepas (and its vicinity) who were on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, some teenagers and some groups of adults. We also welcomed an excellent band, some youths and some families while, on their side, they were considerably developing the study of French in the secondary school in Tirat-Carmel.