u History of twinning:

The search for an English twin town had been the initial reason for the creation of the CJM back in 1983. 

After fruitless contacts, the help of the AFCCRE (French Association of the Councils of Communes and Regions of Europe) enabled us to succeed. The actions of the chairman of the CJM may have contributed to our file (prepared at the Town Hall) to being accepted before others.

Real ‘Communes’ being not so numerous in today’s England, we were proposed a district of a town. A little team went to visit the spot and acknowledged many similarities between Maurepas and Waterlooville. Despite the recent twinnings with Usedom and Tirat-Carmel the Town Council accepted this new twinning.

Family exchanges have taken place since then, as well as visits of a rock and roll musical group and of a Big Band twice. So far no exchanges at school level or between associations have been fostered.

Havant named “Maurepas Way” one of the streets in Waterlooville.